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Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro “S” Headmount

Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro “S” Headmount

Carl Zeiss are world leaders in the development and production of optical syste,s and lenses. For magnification above 2.5x, Zeiss prismatic loupes are perhaps the most outstanding of all the prismatic loupes available in todays market with excellent stereopsis, clarity and definition of image together with the overall superb quality of optics. Indeed, almost all of the prismatic loupes available are modelled on the Zeiss product.

Carl Zeiss Eyemag Pro 'F' Titanium Frame Mounted


Zeiss Prismatic Loupes mounted to a Zeiss Titanium Spectacle Frame.

Zeiss Prismatic surgical loupes offer high image quality and superb colour fidelity. With a large, full field of view and superb depth of focus the loupes provide excellent depth orientation and an optimum overview of the working field.


Optical Systems:

For loupes with a working distance of  500mm:

  • Magnification: 3.2X & 4.0X
  • Field of view: 115mm & 93mm.

For loupes with a working distance of 450mm:

  • Magnification:3.3X & 4.0X
  • Field of view:100mm & 81mm

For loupes with a working distance of 400mm:

  • Magnification: 3.5X & 4.3X
  • Field of view:86mm & 68mm

For loupes with a working distance of 350mm:

  • Magnification:3.6X & 4.5X
  • Field of view: 71mm & 56mm

As a specialist company in the provision of optical services, Surgical Images offers a comprehensive package to our customers including fitting prescription lenses to any loupes in our product range.


All prices are inclusive of accessories and a protective case.

We also offer a warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase.

ZEISS :  Prismatic loupe  (for any magnification and working distance combination):

  • Loupe EyeMag Pro S (headmount): $2995.00 plus GST (or $3294.50 incl. GST)

This loupe is also available with a titanium spectacle frame mount as the Pro "F" model.

Note: The price listed below is inclusive of GST

Price: $3.294.50

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